Making the Tough Decision to Be a Stay at Home Mom

Everything in life, every decision you make, everything you do is a trade off. You get something and you give something. This is just the way life is. The decision to become a stay at home mom is easy for some, and difficult for others.

Because the decision is such a personal one, it can be harder if your friends or family are pressuring you in a certain direction. If you are considering whether or not to quit work and be a stay at home mom, be sure to think your decision through carefully.

Stay at Home Mom Pointers

Take others opinions into consideration, but remember that you are the only person who can make the right decision for you and your kids. Staying at home with your children is an honorable and rewarding thing to do.

stay at home mom

After all, parents, and moms (often more than dads) are the people that kids look to for everything in life – at least while they are young. They look to their parents for love, acceptance and comfort, and for care and guidance and nurturing.

This is very important, and if you are staying at home to raise your kids, you know how wonderful it is. There was a time when it was very unusual for a mother to work outside of the home.

It was expected and assumed that mom would be the caretaker of family and home while dad earned the money to take care of the family. Things have changed and now it’s not so odd for mom to head to work after her maternity leave is over, or when the little ones are a few years old.

There is nothing wrong with working outside of the home, and many women have fulfilling careers that they would miss if they became a stay at home mom. As a mother, a career woman is still given the opportunity to be that nurturing, loving, caring person that all children need and want in their lives.

Still, many feel the tug to leave their jobs for a new career as full-time mommy. So how do you make the tough decision to be a stay at home mom? What are the considerations?  This decision is a very personal one.

You will make it with your husband, maybe considering the thoughts of trusted friends or family members. But you and your husband are the only people who fully understand what it will mean for your family if you stay at home so the end decision must be yours.

Often the most influential factor in deciding is financial stability. Will your family be able to pay bills, and keep things going on only one income? If you do go back to work, how much of your income will be eaten up in childcare costs?

stay home mom

Is it worth it? Will you lose important benefits such as health insurance if you leave your job? Other factors in the decision making process will be things such as whether or not you’ll be happy.

If you love the idea of being a full-time mommy, there’s a clue, but it you feel like you’ll be missing out by not working outside of the home, there’s another clue. Will you miss the socialization that comes with working, or will you be able to recreate that in your stay at home life with other moms? What if you worked part-time, or from home? There are most likely other questions that will come to mind.

Staying at home with your children is a wonderful thing to do, but the decision to do so must be one that you make yourself and that you feel good about, otherwise, you and your family will suffer. Take time to consider your options, discuss the subject at length with your husband or trusted friends and make the best decision you can.

Top Tips for Working From Home as a Digital Marketer

If you make the decision to become a full time digital marketer, working from home, then you’ll not only be changing your career but your entire way of life. As a digital marketer you’ll be someone who is able to work from anywhere in the world, who doesn’t answer to a boss and who can potentially earn much more money by running their own business with very low overheads.

But there are challenges here too. One such challenge is how you stay motivated when working from home. Another is how you go about stocking up on hardware that will offer enough power for what you need to do without breaking the bank.

This article will help you with those things and more.

Staying Motivated While Working From Home

One thing to keep in mind is that the phrase ‘work from home’ doesn’t necessarily have to be literal. Think of it instead as working ‘not from an office’.

work at home as a digital marketer

And actually, it’s highly recommended that you leave the home if you want to get the most out of yourself in terms of productivity. Working in your house makes it very difficult to stay motivated and not to get distracted by your games console, the internet or the TV.

So where can you go instead? One option is to work in a coffee shop (the caffeine will help with your work). Another is to work in a public library. Either way, this is a great way to stay focussed and to put yourself in a productive zone.

If you can’t leave your home think about setting up an office in your home that is separate. This could be a spare bedroom, or a space that you can corner off in your basement, even if you just hang a curtain up to separate it from the main area.

Hardware Required For Your Home Office

To do this though, you’re of course going to need the right hardware. This will need to be something light and portable while remaining powerful enough to handle all the work you’re going to throw at it.

So what hardware will work for you? If you’re working primarily as a writer or marketer then you won’t need anything particularly powerful. In this case, something like an iPad or an Android tablet will work even, along with a portable keyboard. The Universal Folding Keyboard from Microsoft is a great choice that’s able to fit into a pocket.

If you need to do video editing though then you’ll want something with a bit more oomph that’s still light. A great choice in this case is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This is a device that is sleek and can even be used as a tablet but is simultaneously powerful enough to power video editing software.

home computer

Of course you can use your computer or laptop if you have one. Just be sure to keep your business information separate from your personal stuff.

It’s also recommended to have a back up for your files and documents. You can simply save everything to Dropbox, use a USB stick or an external hard drive or use an online backup service. Just make sure you have something in place. If your harddrive crashes you need a way to recover your important files.

The Digital Marketing Industry

There’s no PhD you can strive for to be in thedigital marketing industry. You have to learn as you go – on your own – soaking up information along the way. The first thing you need to know is what it means to be an ditigal marketer, because it isn’t always clear to everyone. You may see this also be reffered to as Internet Marketing.

Let’s start with what Digital marketing is not. It’s not being a con artist. It’s not being a spam king. It doesn’t just mean selling on eBay or having your own website and products.

In reality, digital marketers can pick and choose from a whole host of options available to help them make money. Your opportunities are virtually endless, and include one or more of the following:

• Selling digital downloads (information products like eBooks)
• Promoting other people’s products for a commission (affiliate marketing)
• Selling on eBay or other auction sites
• Running a membership site
• Selling your online services (writing, graphics, etc.)
• Owning a website that sells dropshipped or wholesale items

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Being a newcomer to this type of marketing, you might be worried that you don’t have anything to sell. That’s okay – most people don’t start out with anything, and you never have to stock a tangible inventory if you don’t want to.

working from home ideas

Digital marketing creates no gender or age boundaries for you. There are teenagers who have launched multi-million dollar companies as budding Internet marketers whose ideas sprung to life and catapulted them to instant success.

The great part about this type of marketing is that you can be working from home. This is a huge appeal to many types of marketers including students, stay at home moms, seniors and those who are just fed up with working for someone else.

You don’t have to do anything unethical or shady to succeed at Digital or Internet marketing, and in fact, launching a respectable business with a solid reputation is the secret ingredient that will allow you to hatch an empire on the ‘net to fulfill all of your dreams and those of your family.

This is why we suggest to start working from home with a business that is connected to a hobby or yours. This way you will be more excited to turn it into a fully fledged business and you will stay more motivated to get through all the ups and downs you no doubt will experience.